Friday, 14 December 2018


Form One Selection 2019 –Dar es salaam

The Dar es Salaam Region had a total of 70,948 registered students performing a Basic Education Termination Test in 2018. Among them boys were 33,989 and 36,959 girls. The number of applicants who conducted the test was 70,303 equivalent to 99.091 percent, among them 33,623 boys and 36,680 girls. A total of 645 were equivalent to 0.909 percent if 367 boys and 278 girls did not perform the test for a number of reasons including 545 students, 11 deaths, 17 cases and 72 other cases.64,861 respondents (31,234 boys and 33,627 girls) equivalent to 92.261 percent have successfully completed the test. The achievement rose from 87.82 percent of 2017 to 92.261 percent in 2018 equivalent to an increase of 4.441 percent. The result has made Dar es Salaam Region ranked (01) Nationally among the 26 Regions. In addition, 64,861 students who have achieved the same as 100% have been elected to join the First Party in 2019.Students selected to join the best schools are 68 boys 37 and 31 girls, Boarding 77 schools, 70 boys and 7 Bond schools and Bweni schools typically 24, 12 boys and 12 girls. In regional schools taking students from the Region, Dar es Salaam total of 1,810 students have been selected, where boys are 840 and 970 girls. Students selected to join the Public Schools Secondary School are 62,635 including 30,153 boys and 32,482 girls. Students with special needs chosen to join the First Entry are 247 (122 boys and 125 girls). For the municipal analysis, the Ilala Municipalities are 21,400, Kigoloni 3,180, Kinondoni 11,940, Temeke 17,183 and Ubungo are 11,158.
The List of Selected Candidate Names is available for each Ward Education Coordinator, Each Board’s Advertising Boards and the Office of the Regional Head Office, which is


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