Thursday, 27 September 2018


ARDHI UNIVERSITY: Selected Applicants for the Academic year 2018-2019 (Round One and Round Two)

The following have been selected to pursue various undergraduate degree programmes ardhi University. The list contain those directly selected during rounds one and two as well as those who were selected under multiple during round one and confirmed to join Ardhi
University. Lists from subsequent rounds will also be published when they are due. The management wishes to congratulate all those successfully selected (directly) or confirmed to join this University. You are rest assured that Ardhi University is your place to
be; a place where your academic dreams will be nurtured to reality. Orientation week will commence on 29th October 2018 and will last up to 02nd November  2018. Teaching session will begin on 05th November 2018.
During orientation week, students will be guided to register for their studies as well as being introduced to various offices and places at the University. They will also be briefed on all matters relating to academic life at the University. Important documents for the registration process can be downloaded from the University’s
website. These include Admission letters; joining instruction; Form C (Medical Examination); and Registration Forms. ONLY THOSE SELECTED AND THEIR NAMES PUBLISHED ON THE UNIVERSITY’S WEBSITE ARE ENCOURAGED TO
DOWNLOAD AND FILL THE FORMS. Dully filled forms will be returned to the University during the orientation week.


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