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10 Ways To Start Making Money In College

Ways to Start Making Money In College
 Life on campus is not as easy as it may appear. Pressure from parents, stressful classes, and social anxieties all contribute to the struggle that the over 20 million African college students endure. But you should know that Campus is the place where most people transform their lives and it makes an impact on how your future is going to be. It’s the place where u can decide to live a normal life, get a normal job then die a normal death. Most students spend half of their campus time doing coursework and the better half is spend in making fun, hanging out with friends, watching movies, listening to music, traveling and partying. With enough time at your disposal,
 Here are some ways that you can use to make money while in campus.
1.   Start tutoring

When you finish a class, you not only get a grade but you also acquire the skills you need to teach the subject to another person. Luckily (for you), there are always students struggling with material that you’ve already mastered.
Tutoring is a great opportunity to both help others and improve your teaching skills, while also making a serious income on the side. 

2.   Enter academic competitions. 

You can pretty regularly find advertisements for essay contests and scholarly competitions (such as science or engineering competitions) which offer cash prizes for the top performers.
  • Be on the lookout for these opportunities by regularly checking the bulletin boards around campus (begin by looking in academic departments and the library), going through your email carefully, and by going directly to your advisor and/or professors to see if they know of any such competitions for which you may be a good fit.
  • Even if you don't win, you'll get experience in your field, make connections, and build up your portfolio or work.

3.   Get a temp job.
Check with local employment agencies for temp jobs. Agencies will help you find temporary, part-time jobs doing things like administrative (such as answering phones or doing data entry) or customer service tasks.
Tip: Ask if the agency takes out taxes from your check or if that’s something you need to be responsible for paying to the state and federal government yourself. Some agencies also offer benefits if you work over a certain number of hours a week.
Also There are always opportunities to find a job on campus in work study positions. Whether that is in the library or in the athletic complex, generally you’ll find a spot not too far from your dorm room. A great part of this role is that the school is flexible enough to work around your class schedule.
4.   Affiliate marketing And blogging
If you’ve got a good presence on social media or perhaps you even have a blog or website, you can start bringing in money immediately by promoting all sorts of companies, products, services and offers online.
5.   Become a brand ambassador.
Major corporations hire people to promote their brand on college campuses. It’s a fun way for outgoing students to earn extra money in college—and if you’re passionate about that particular brand, that’s a great plus too! Sites like Whurk.com make it easy to earn rewards while helping some of the world’s biggest brands.
Tip: Being a brand ambassador is an easy way to get experience with big name brands, which also looks great on your resume!
6.   Edit and proofread your peer’s papers.
For many students, writing essays is one of the toughest things they do in college, particularly if English isn’t their first language. If you have strong writing skills, offer your services as an editor or proofreader to other students. Bonus: Being your own freelance editor pays well and lets you set your own hours.
Take advantage of your strong typing and computer skills. If you are a fast and accurate typist, if you are great at creating interesting presentations with sophisticated graphics, or if you excel at creating tables and graphs to represent data, you may be able to get paid to teach and help other students with their assignments and hone your own skills at the same time. 
7.   Run social media marketing
Do you spend a lot of time using social media? Well you can make money from that, too. The truth is that the best social media experts are those with the most experience on the platforms themselves. They understand what users want to see and how to get it to them.
You can get paid to run social media accounts for companies. This practice is a great way to make income by doing something you are already accustomed to doing

8.   Get a driving job. 
If you have a reliable car, it’s easy to tap into driving jobs for quick cash through sites like Uber. Typically, you’ll work as an independent contractor and have the freedom to set your own schedule. Plus, you can pick up extra hours on evenings and weekends when you’re not in class.

              9. Start a Small Business While in college you can look for capital or even use part of HESLB Loan (not advisable) and start a good business.
Example of businesses that work well in campus are: printing from your school hostel – get a hostel with many occupants & easily accessible to a majority of the students, kinyozi, salon, mpesa shop, a retail shop, photography, videography, being a DJ/VDJ, fast food restaurant, gym and fitness center among others. 

               10. Student-Work Program
Finally, you can also get work for your institution via what is called a student-work program. Here your institution assigns you to a department where you do minimal jobs (such as but not limited to filing, messengers, typing, etc) that are flexible & enable you to juggle class & work well.   The pay is mostly on monthly basis, though not much from as little as $20. This kinds of jobs are mostly reserved for needy students. Note: Gambling is not a job & never will be! We strongly discourage gambling of any kind. Get a job, get a life! Never despise humble beginnings. It has the best lessons life can offer. Get quick rich schemes such as the just collapsed public-likes, lead to nowhere. 


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